Mental Health Awareness | 5 brands that care for people

Mental Health Awareness | 5 brands that care for people

Giving back to the community

Through innovative products, impactful campaigns, and dedicated support for mental health initiatives, these brands have seamlessly integrated mental health awareness into their missions, proving that compassion and corporate responsibility can go hand in hand.

Museum of Peace and Quiet

Founded by Ashley Lennon and her husband, Christion, after a revelatory road trip through the Southwest in 2018, this brand is not just a label; it's a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a sanctuary for those seeking solace in the chaos of modern life.

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A Journey from Burnout to Bliss

The Museum of Peace and Quiet is the Lennons' response to the burnout and fatigue that plague so many in today's fast-paced world. Their journey through the Southwest wasn't just a trip; it was a pilgrimage towards understanding the importance of slow, thoughtful living.

A Palette of Peace

The brand's aesthetic is a testament to its ethos. Opting for tonal colors that soothe the eyes and calm the mind—pastel greens, creams, and shades of tan and brown—the Museum of Peace and Quiet invites you to a visual meditation. Their T-shirts, adorned with slogans like "Natural" and "Inhale" or a simple text logo, serve as gentle nudges to embrace mindfulness and slow living. 

The Mayfair Group

Launched in 2017 by CEO Sam Abrahart, The Mayfair Group was inspired by a desire to forge a more meaningful existence through positive content and a safe digital space, particularly after Abrahart's personal battles with mental health. The company stands on the principles that vulnerability is universal, empathy is essential, and being authentic is a superpower.

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Welcome to #MayfairWorld

The Mayfair Group aims to be your internet happy place, offering purposeful apparel, feel-good content, and an empowering digital community. Their goal is to alter the narrative surrounding unrealistic societal standards and to celebrate the genuine human experience that unites everyone.

A Legacy of Positivity

The brand aspires to be inclusive, asserting that there's no age limit to the impact of positivity. Their mission extends beyond aesthetics, focusing on enhancing the well-being of their customers. The Mayfair Group invites everyone to be part of a legacy where everyone feels welcome.

Only Human

Only Human is a community-focused organization established in 2016, driven by kindness and social entrepreneurship. It's a platform where individuals are encouraged to bring their authentic selves, including their struggles and imperfections, fostering an environment of acceptance and support.

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Core Mission and Values

The essence of Only Human lies in its commitment to doing good and fostering a positive impact on society. They donate 10% of their net profits to various causes each month, supporting initiatives that aim to make humans better. Their core values include:

  • Be a Good Human: Emphasizing the importance of doing good, striving for betterment, and positively impacting the community.
  • Make Waves: Encouraging action-oriented behaviors, dreaming big, and creating change.
  • Better Together: Highlighting the power of collaboration, openness, and shared ideas.
  • Light the Way: Finding hope and gratitude even in challenging times.
  • Come as You Are: Promoting inclusivity and acceptance of all individuals, regardless of their imperfections.
  • Never Stop Growing: Encouraging continuous self-improvement and learning.


Madhappy is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle clothing label that champions optimism and mental health awareness through its unique products and community-focused initiatives. Founded in early 2017, the brand has quickly made a name for itself by selling out numerous online releases and hosting immersive pop-up events in cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Aspen, Williamsburg, Melrose Place, and Miami.

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Founders' Vision and Strategy

The founders of Madhappy, driven by a desire to counteract negativity in the world, have built the brand on an ethos of positivity and inclusivity. They are particularly focused on bringing awareness to mental health issues, a mission that is evident in their inviting pop-up stores, launch events, and smaller panels on mental health. The brand's commitment to quality and social responsibility is also reflected in their decision to source and manufacture 100% in the USA, ensuring transparency and high standards in their production process.

Social Impact and Charity Work

In addition to their pop-up events and product offerings, Madhappy has launched a donation portal on their website, allowing customers to choose from three charities to support: education, mental health, and homelessness. With each purchase, Madhappy donates $1 on the customer's behalf to one of these causes.

11:11 L.U.C.K.

Founded in 2023 by the visionary Polina Mikhailova, this brand stands as a testament to the power of fashion as a tool for change, particularly in the realm of mental health awareness. With a mission deeply rooted in empathy and support, 11:11 L.U.C.K. is not just a clothing line; it's a movement towards a more compassionate society.

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Symbolic Designs for Awareness

From the surreal world of DR/DP, symbolizing the brain's protective response to trauma, to the mental 'chain' of anorexia and the emotional rollercoaster of bipolar disorder, each piece tells a story. These aren't just garments; they are a call to understanding, a bridge to empathy.

A Conversation Starter

The brand's unique approach to design, featuring symbols like a cryptic message through a keyhole for PTSD and a watchful eye for anxiety, serves as a conversation starter, encouraging dialogue and reducing stigma around mental health.

Fashion with a Cause

11:11 L.U.C.K. goes beyond fashion; it's a platform for change. A portion of the revenue from each shirt sold is dedicated to supporting charitable causes related to mental health. This commitment to giving back ensures that each purchase not only spreads awareness but also contributes directly to the well-being of those living with mental health disorders.

This brand embodies the essence of LOVE, UNITY, CARE, and KINDNESS, principles that are desperately needed in today's world.


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